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“You could say Ward writes a Bach-like poem: it seeks for purity of expression. Its leathery language wants to force out the personal, the dramatic so that a near purity of expression allows them their place outside the poem.”
Alan Dent – MQB

This is the official website of Blackburn born poet Mark Ward. Here you can read poems, reviews and blogs: buy books, listen/watch audio video recordings and visit the gallery. I spent many years travelling the world working in a variety of jobs, including tuna fishing in the South Atlantic, set building for the film and TV industries in Africa and New Zealand and presenting a show on Alaskan radio. I studied for a Masters at Lancaster University and am available for readings, talks and workshops.

The Visitors Book

“Vivid, sharp, memorable observations of the places that have touched Ward’s eye and heart; the tone is characteristic of the man; poems worth reading!”
Jack Mapanje

Thunder Alley

Buy Mark Ward’s Thunder Alley and you won’t be disappointed. These drawn-from-life poems are sharply written, deftly observed and shot with humour. What more could you possibly want?
John Hartley Williams

Used Rhymes

Mark Ward has heard the music [of the Heights]. Composed of wind and mist and solitude. It keens between his lines. Listen…’
Robert Swindells

Five Rivers

Sharing stories of childhood holidays in Morecambe prompted the joint venture that is ‘Five Rivers’.This collaboration between a poet and an artist is much more than nostalgia. These photographs, and the installation that they accompany, reflect the biological richness of Morecambe Bay.

A Guide to Historic Haworth & The Brontes

This is an excellent little gem for the visitor.
Bronte Society Transactions

Coleridge Street

In the title poem, as in others in this little book, [Ward] cultivates a garden of sturdy poetic plants; they are beautiful, benodorous, they make you smile and cheer you up.
Mistress Quickly’s Bed