Portrait in Black

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38 pages
ISBN 978-0-9957168-0-3
Lodestar Publications 2017

‘This is the poetry of the Lodestar: as Ward himself says in one of his poems, a magnetic field, an outlet, a pressure valve; here the tensions and release of art and music and the personal history of the remarkable Margo Grimshaw, (and her gloriously infamous Lodestar), find their full expression. In a rich and vividly written sequence, the poet manages to bring to life one of the most fascinating period of Blackburn’s history, its characters and its local colours and customs. Lyrical, but tough as old boots, the language and diction shines through as ferociously as the Lodestar itself did briefly on the outskirts of town. A fine poetic tribute to one of the most colourful characters and periods of British musical culture.’

Neil Rollinson


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